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Welcome to the smooth scroll example

This is a loooooong page...


As you scroll down this brief page, you'll find some links, pretty much all of these links will be anchors, these are the usual anchors you find in HTML, designed to quickly create links to specific parts of a page, however by overruling the default action of snapping to the anchor point, we can make a smooth scroll to the particular point of interest (anchor), creating a nicer and more sophisticated feel.

A look at the code

    "use strict";
        Find all of the anchor links in the page and assign an on click event listener.
    const allAnchors = document.querySelectorAll('a[href^="#"]');
    if (allAnchors.length > 0){
        let i = 0;
        for(; i < allAnchors.length; i++){
            allAnchors[i].addEventListener('click', scrollToId.bind(null, allAnchors[i].hash.split('#')[1], 10));

        This is the initial function that is called when clicking on an anchor link.
    function scrollToId(id, speed, e){
        // Find the target element.
        const target = document.getElementById(id);
        // Check if the speed is an actual number.
        if (isNaN(speed)){
            console.error(speed, 'is not a number.');
            return false;
        // Only run if the target element exists.
        if (target !== null){
            // Get the targets X Y location and the current windows viewpoint X Y location.
            const targetXY = [target.getBoundingClientRect().left - document.body.getBoundingClientRect().left - 5, target.getBoundingClientRect().top - document.body.getBoundingClientRect().top -2],
                  currentXY = [window.pageXOffset, window.pageYOffset];

            // Start the scrolling animation, passing the targets X Y location, the viewports X Y location and the desired speed.
            moveScroll(targetXY, currentXY, speed);

        Initiates the moving loop and continues to scroll until our desired destination has been reached.
    function moveScroll(targetXY, currentXY, speed){
        // Get our current location and create some variables.
        const deltaXY = [Math.ceil(currentXY[0] - targetXY[0]), Math.ceil(currentXY[1] - targetXY[1])],
              newXY = [],
              // These can be changed to your desired settings, smaller numbers will increase the overall scroll duration.
              upperLimit = 640,
              lowerLimit = 3;

        /* Upper Limit
            This will limit the maximum scroll distance (upperLimit - in pixels) per animation tick, this can be used to stop very large jumps when the anchor point is far away in relation to the viewport.
        if ( deltaXY[0] >= upperLimit ) deltaXY[0] = upperLimit;
        if ( deltaXY[0] <= -upperLimit ) deltaXY[0] = -upperLimit;
        if ( deltaXY[1] >= upperLimit ) deltaXY[1] = upperLimit;
        if ( deltaXY[1] <= -upperLimit ) deltaXY[1] = -upperLimit;
        /* Lower Limit
            This will sacrifice scrolling accuracy (lowerLimit - in pixels), but will result in the user being able to regain control of their scroll bar sooner, rather than waiting for [lowerLimit] (default of 3px) scroll movements.
        if ( deltaXY[0] > 0 && deltaXY[0] < lowerLimit ) deltaXY[0] = 0;
        if ( deltaXY[0] < 0 && deltaXY[0] > -lowerLimit ) deltaXY[0] = -0;
        if ( deltaXY[1] > 0 && deltaXY[1] < lowerLimit ) deltaXY[1] = 0;
        if ( deltaXY[1] < 0 && deltaXY[1] > -lowerLimit ) deltaXY[1] = -0;
        // Only calculate the new scroll position if needed.
        if (deltaXY[0] < -1 || deltaXY[0] > 1){
            newXY[0] = currentXY[0] - ( deltaXY[0] / speed );
            newXY[0] = currentXY[0];
        if (deltaXY[1] < -1 || deltaXY[1] > 1){
            newXY[1] = currentXY[1] - ( deltaXY[1] / speed );
        } else {
            newXY[1] = currentXY[1];

        // Actually move the scrollbar position.
        window.scrollTo(newXY[0], newXY[1]);

        // Check to see if we have reached our destination.
        if ((deltaXY[0] < -1 || deltaXY[0] > 1) || (deltaXY[1] < -1 || deltaXY[1] > 1)){
            // Set our currentXY to the newXY.
            currentXY = newXY;
            // Continue our scroll animation.
            requestAnimationFrame( moveScroll.bind(null, targetXY, currentXY, speed) );

Some Random Definitions

Definition of Brief:

Of short duration; not lasting for long.
Concise in expression; using few words.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Definition of Nice:

Giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive.
(especially of a difference) slight or subtle.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Definition of sophisticated:

Having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.
(of a machine, system, or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.

The Oxford English Dictionary

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