Andy's Net

Welcome to Andy's-Net, my small corner of the web

My name's Andy, I'm a website developer and all-round tech guru.

Website Development

A website I own and develop myself, designed to host a number of test videos, either as placeholders for websites and applications, or to test your media players network streaming capabilities.

The site also contains a few guides on how to use FFmpeg, which was used to prepare all of the videos hosted there.

In developing I decided to utilize Grav, a flat file CMS, slightly modifying the default theme to my own tastes.

Yes of course, my own site that you're on right now, this site was made from scratch, all of the HTML, CSS (except a normalise style sheet) and Javascript is written by my very own hands; A great way to showcase what I can do.

While I was creating this site, I had a goal of making the site as fast as possible and free from any excess bloat, hence why I haven't opted for a framework. In doing so I have acheived a 100% score on google page speed insight, dependant on the servers current load.

Website Design

Photography Gallery

A minimalistic photography website, dedicated to showing off your work with no distractions.

Uses a minimal amount of javascript for the slideshow and slide navigation, it's also fully responsive for mobile viewing.

Javascript Snippets

Smooth Scroll

Smoothly scroll from anywhere on the page, to an element of your choosing, exactly how anchors work, but smooth; and all without using the CSS scroll behaviour or the window.scroll smooth option, because that would be far too easy!

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CSS Crumbs

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